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Ideas for College Care Packages

Wireless Headphones

HeadphonesWireless Headphones.
Whatever the electronic device (TV, computer, iPod, stereo), your student will need a way to listen to it without driving roommates insane. We recommend sending a wireless headphone set. It can relieve tension when roommates don't share the same taste in music.

Soy SoapSoap.
Soap is often forgotten, left behind in the shower stall to disappear forever. Unfortunately, college dorms do not provide cute little soaps and shampoos like hotels do for the next shower; so every care package could use a bar of soap. Send some long lasting Soy Soap Bars that keep skin healthy. They come in several scents that will have the roommates wanting to know where to get some for themselves.

Scented Melts
Scented Melts.
Dorms get stinky after the first week. Candles are not allowed because of the open flames. Plug-ins are boring. Sprays don't last long. A stylish solution is a flameless simmer pot and scented melts. We recommend scented soy melts. With soy, if it gets spilt the soy wax will clean up easily with just hot water and some soap.

USB Flash Drive
These provide a way to transport research, papers, and such between the dorm room, the library, computer lab, and class. They're also useful for backing up a computer once in a while, in case the computer crashes just before printing out that 20 page research paper (guess how I learned that one...). Some college professors even accept work turned in on these.

Mineral MakeupMineral Makeup
For girls, makeup is a necessity. Send her this silky mineral makeup that wears as light as a feather, yet provides a beautiful finish that lasts all day! Bonus: Mineral makeup has the added benefit of SPF to protect your daughter from the harmful effects of the sun.

New ReleaseMovies, Music, and BooksBooks.

Keep your student safely entertained and popular by sending the latest DVD movie release. An older classic zombie movie or romantic comedy is always popular as well. Same goes for Music CDs, video games and even books for those enjoy reading.


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